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Plastpro Fiberglass Doors

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We understand the importance of your home as a reflection of who you are. That's why at Plastpro, we want to offer homeowners the widest possible choice of product styles, colors, and sizes. We've provided a whole range of options and designs to convey a character that is undeniably yours.

Signature and Select Series Doors
  • Signature Series:
  • The Signature Series is a part of our premium line of Distinction Doors that come prepared with our exclusive doorlites. Our Woodgrain, Smooth Skin and the new Mahogany texture represent the most popular and elegant styles of doors sold today.
  • --Rustic Collection
  • --Mahogany Collection
  • --Woodgrain Collection
  • --Smooth Skin Collection
  • Select Series:
  • Our Select Series offers more traditional panel configurations and can be paired with our numerous selections of glass designs. With so many possible combinations, these doors are as versatile as they are
  • distinctive.
  • --Woodgrain Collection
  • --Smooth Skin Collection

Seven, Eight, and Onelite Series Doors
  • Seven Foot Door Series:
  • --Woodgrain Collection
  • --Smooth Skin Collection
  • Eight Foot Door Series:
  • --Woodgrain Collection
  • --Smooth Skin Collection
  • Onelite Door Series:
  • Available in both Woodgrain and Smooth Skin, Onelite doors are flush glazed to create the cleanest profile possible. Like all Distinction Doors, Onelites are made of high impact compression molded fiberglass with Hydroshield Technology™, making them resistant to corrosion, rotting, splitting, or warping. Glazed with double insulated tempered glass or Lo-E glass, these doors allow for an abundance of natural light and generous views, while maintaining energy efficiency. A removable glass stop allows the glass to be replaced if it breaks, or if one simply wishes to update the glass design.
  • --Woodgrain Collection
  • --Smooth Skin Collection

Impact Doors, Fire Doors, and PF Frames™
  • Impact Door Series:
  • Impact Doors retain all the benefits and beauty of our panel doors with added protection in extreme weather conditions. Our innovative R&D department has pioneered a unique patent-pending process whereby a missile proof shield is inserted to reinforce the door. Thus, our Impact Doors are engineered to withstand penetration by flying objects that may be propelled by high winds. Impact doors are available in Woodgrain, Smooth Skin, and Onelite options with specially formulated impact resistant glass.
  • Fire Rated Door Series:
  • Available in Woodgrain and Smooth Skin options, Distinction Fire Rated doors have a 20-minute Warnock-Hersey fire rating, providing 20 minutes of protection in a spreading fire. These doors contain an interior core composed of phenolic fire retardant foam for performance and safety in single and multi-family homes, and light commercial applications.
  • Plastpro Frames:
  • PF Frames™ are an innovative new alternative to traditional wood doorframes. After extensive research and development, we have formulated a poly-fiber doorframe system that combines all the strength and convenience of wood with enhanced properties that make it moisture, rot, and insect resistant. This unique formulation means that PF Frames™ will not absorb moisture and will never warp, splinter, or rot. And PF Frames™ system can be machined the same way as traditional wood frames with no added hassles. PF Frames™ guarantee a long-lasting, rot-free entryway that will maintain its integrity for a lifetime.