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ClimateGuard Aluminum Storm Picture Windows

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All glass tracks are fully 100% wood pile weather stripped. ClimateGuard utilizes marine glazing for all storm windows. ClimateGuard weather stripping is not glued on -- it is pulled through grooves in the extrusion providing greater durability. All frame corners are miter cut, double screwed, and sealed from the inside to prevent drafts. Extra heavy stepped frame and interlocking meeting rails strengthen the design. All glass sashes can be re-glazed. ClimateGuard Storm Windows are designed for long life and serviceability.

  • Fiberglass Fabric Screen
  • Aluminum Fabric Screen
  • Oriel Window Sizing
  • Inside or Outside Removal

  • Picture Storm Windows are available in six durable finishes: white, black, brown, beige, bronze, and anodized.
  • Slider models come in white and brown coloring only.