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ClimateGuard Glass Block Windows

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ClimateGuard Glass Block Windows provide both beauty and security. Glass blocks can be installed in either a brick or wood opening often seen in bathrooms or basements. ClimateGuard can utilize a 3" thinline block which permits the design of virtually any combination and dimension. Glass Block Windows can have windows (usually a hopper style) or vents (usually a dryer vent) set into their patterns for ventilation and air flow.

Diamond Pattern Glass Block
  • Crystal like appearance
  • Excellent privacy
  • Very good light transmission

Clarity Pattern Glass Block
  • "See-through" block style
  • Frequently used with other privacy blocks
  • Maximum light transmission

Nubio Pattern Glass Block
  • Marble-like appearance
  • More distortion than regular wave pattern blocks
  • Random instersecting wave pattern light transmission
  • Most popular pattern
  • Smooth surface for ease of cleaning