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Wood Fencing

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Remodelers Supply Center distributes materials for the erection of wood fencing. We also carry other wood products such as wood paneling and plywood, lumber of all types, and wood components for window and door installation.

Fence Panels and Boards
  • 1x6" Dog Eared Fence Panel, Cedar (Board & Board, Peek-a-Boo and Solid).
  • 1x6" Dog Eared Fence Panel, Wolmanized (Solid only).
  • 6' French Gothic Fence Panel, Treated.
  • 5'4" Lattice Top Fence Panel, Treated.
  • 6' Dog Ear Shadowbox Fence Panel.
  • 6' Dog Ear Promotional Fence Panel.
  • 6' Stockade Fence Panel, Spruce.

Gate Panel
  • 6' Gate Panel, Cedar.
  • 6' Gate Panel, Wolmanized.

Fence Board Material
  • 1x6" Dog Eared Fence Board, Cedar.
  • 1x6" Dog Eared Fence Board, Wolmanized.
  • 2x4" Womanized Lumber.