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Lumber, Molding, and Flooring

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Remodelers Supply Center provides various types of lumber and millwork listed below.  Please call for further details. We also carry other wood products such as wood paneling and plywood, wood fencing, and wood components for window and door installation.

  • Regular Lumber:
  • Bead Ceiling, Board, Furring, Shelving, T & G Flooring, Test, Timber, Stepping, Top Rail, and Dimensional.
  • Treated Lumber:
  • Board #2 KD, Board D & Better, Deck Accessories, Decking Premium, Dimensional #2 KD, Dimensional #1 KDAT, Pickets, Pre-Cut Stringer, Bullnose Stepping, Drink Rail, Lattice, T&G Flooring, Timber, and Top Rail.
  • Cedar Lumber:
  • Boards, Pickets, Channel Lap Siding, Decking, Dimensional, Lattice, Timber, Western Red Cedar Beveled Siding, Clear Lumber, and Clear No Knot Pine.

  • Red Oak Molding & Boards:
  • Base Shoe Red Oak Molding, Clear Oak Boards, Red Oak Boards, Chair Rail Red Oak Molding, Column Base Red Oak Molding, Column Casing Red Oak Molding, Column Stop Red Oak Molding, Cove Red Oak Molding, and Outside Corner Red Oak Molding.
  • Pine Molding:
  • Square Balaster, Base Shoe, Bed, F J Primed Brickmold, Closet Pole, Column Base, Column Casing, Column Stop, Cove, Crown, Fir Hand Rail, Inside Corner, Lattice, Outside Corner, Parting Stop, Pilaster Base, Pilaster Cap, Quarter Round, Ranch Base, Ranch Casing, Ranch Stop, Round Edge Casing, Round Edge Stop, T Astragal, Victorian Base, Rabbeted Window Stool, Shims, Wood Bridging, Wood Lath, and Wood Shims.

Flooring and Other Lumber Material
  • Hardwood Flooring:
  • Maple Flooring Prefinished, Maple Flooring Unfinished, Red Oak Flooring Prefinished, Red Oak Flooring Unfinished, and White Oak Flooring Prefinished.
  • Fire Retardant:
  • Dimensional Fire Retardant
  • Structural Wood:
  • Micro-Lam
  • Composite Material:
  • Please Call...