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ClimateGuard Ornamental Iron Railings and Columns

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Special designs custom made to specification make each ClimateGuard Ornamental Iron products unique. ClimateGuard has been making wrought iron products for over 30 years. Chicago's historic landmarks and architectural integrity make for constant use of ornamental iron throughout the city and area. ClimateGuard hand crafts each piece at its Chicago Foundry and Showroom. With 8 Rail and Column combination decorative designs and 3 unique railing designs, customers have been choosing the lasting quality of ClimateGuard for over three decades. As of 1999 we only sell wrought iron products when installed by Remodelers Supply installation teams. Please call for any details about wrought iron production.

Ornamental Iron Railings Sizes and Options
  • Railing Sizes:
  • 32", 36", 42", and 48"
  • Models 101 through 111
  • Railing Options:
  • Flare
  • Gate with latch
  • Removal of previous railing
  • Installation service required

Ornamental Iron Columns Sizes and Options
  • Column Sizes:
  • Corner Column base price to 8 feet
  • Flat Column base price to 8 feet
  • Match to Railing Models 101 through 111
  • Column Options:
  • Top Plate
  • Bottom Plate
  • Removal of previous columns
  • Installation service required