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For more than four decades ThermaSol has truly defined the steam bath industry by providing customers with the finest products in steam bathing comfort and performance. In addition to manufacturing superior steam bath equipment for both residential and commercial customers, ThermaSol now offers The Ambiance Collection of systems to further enhance any steam shower, bath or sauna environment. Now you can add and control any combination of options including Mood Lights, Radio, CD-Player/Changer, Water Proof Speakers, Phone and our exclusive Proportional Heating System. The Ambiance Collection also includes the Heavenly Collection of Fog-Free Mirrors, the Radiance Skin Care System to help purify and maintain beautiful, radiant skin and ThermaSol\'s Aroma Therapy Oils that awaken and indulge your senses.

ThermaSol Products
  • Traditional Sauna Heaters.
  • Ambiance Series Sauna Heaters.
  • Ambiance Steam Bath Generators (see below).
  • Ambiance Grande Steam Bath Generators (see below).
  • Steamshower Series.
  • One Touch Controller.
  • Elite Controller.
  • Fog Free Mirrors.
  • Steamheads.
  • Mood Lights.
  • CD Player.
  • Waterproof Speakers.

Ambiance System -- Enhance any Bathroom
  • The Ambiance system is not just for steam showers. Select the options of your choice to not only upgrade your bathroom, but to enhance your life. Lighting can highlight your tub area, speakers can surround you with sound, and your hand-held remote puts you in control of your chosen options. And imagine being able to answer the telephone without leaving your shower or bath. Lounge in contentment, as your transformed bathroom is now your sumptuous spa get away. It will become your favorite in-home destination.
  • Start with a base system; add features at any time. Each Ambiance hand-held remote control is pre-configured to activate all options: CD player, waterproof speakers, mood lighting, and telephone. Your Ambiance controlled shower will be an investment in you.