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Roma Steam Bath Inc.

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Roma has many exclusive features that make it the premier steam generator available in the world today. The following important features are standard only with Roma. Relax and enjoy Continuous Steam within 30 seconds of activating your Roma. (All other units won’t generate steam for at least 5 to 8 minutes.) Roma’s Teflon coated steam tank automatically cleans itself after each use. This will save you time and work. Most units require manual back flushing to prevent scale buildup. Roma heating electrodes are made of Stainless Steel and will not burn out. The most common problem associated with steam equipment is corrosion of wire or coil heating elements, as found in traditional boiler systems. Roma is designed to be mounted in a standard stud wall. (Approximately the size of a medicine cabinet.) For installation in wall, closet, or attic areas.

Roma Products
  • Digital Command Centers Models R-1000A/B/C.
  • Digital Timer Models R-900A/B/C.
  • Dual Digital Command Center Models R-2000A/B/C.
  • Electric Timer Model R-100A/B/C.
  • Steam Head Models R-2A/B/C.
  • Steam Head Escutcheon Models R-3A/B/C.
  • Steam Unit Models RM-700C, RM-502C, RM-20A, RM-500C, RM-30A, RM-40A, and RM-400C (models vary upon amount of footage to be steamed).

Roma offers industry leading 10 Year Warranty
  • Roma's 35 year old reputation for producing the finest quality steam equipment and backing it with the most comprehensive warranty makes Roma the overwhelmingly logical choice. Roma offers industry leading 10 Year Warranty.