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Amerec Sauna and Steam

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Amerec offers five types of Saunas and two types of Steam Rooms. An Amerec Sauna can be either a Signature Series Sauna Room (Pacific or Cascade models), Classic Modular Series Sauna (MP44 through MP812-36 models), Personal Series Sauna, Rainier Portable Sauna (MP45P, MP46P, or MP57P), and a Pre-Cut Sauna Room (PC44 through PC1212). The Sauna equipment as well as accessories are available for sale individually also. Amerec's Steam Rooms are the Acrylic-Modular Steam Room (Type I through Type VI) and the Steam Generators and Controls System (AR or AK Generator Series) which can fit any area and often is used to convert a regular shower into a steam shower combination.

Steam Generator
  • AK Series Steam Generator (AK5, AK7, AK10, AK17, AK20, AK30) and Controls (K60 or K30 Controls).
  • AR Series Steam Generator (AR4, AR5, AR6, AR7, AR8.5, AR10, AR17, AR20, AR30) and Controls (R30i Control).

  • Classic Modular Sauna
  • Personal Sauna
  • Pre-Cut Sauna

Heater Series
  • Designer B Heater Series with Built-In Controls (for sauna rooms 100 cu. ft. to 425 cu. ft.) 50 lb. of stones. 
  • Professional Heater Series --Floor Standing (for sauna rooms 390 cu. ft. to 950 cu. ft.) 140 lb. of stones.