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Pearl Whirlpool Baths

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Pearl Baths was built on the concept of bringing the healing powers of modern hydrotherapy directly into people's own homes. Founded in 1978, the company went on to develop a water technology called the True Whirlpool. This advance in water therapy systems has dramatically increased the effectiveness of hydrotherapy massage. Its relaxing and rejuvenating properties are now a widely accepted form of therapy for people in all walks of life - from sportspeople to the elderly to anyone who appreciates a healthy, invigorating lifestyle.

Pearl's patented whirlpool using Venturi system
  • Two or more finely tuned, patented Venturi jets create the True Whirlpool which places the bather at the heart of the water's massage action.
  • Finely tuned, patented Venturi jets direct water turbulence around the tub, creating a wave-like massage for the bather. A strong, steady flow of air bubbles circulates around sore muscles, melting away tensions and strains.
  • Unlike conventional spa baths, the Pearl bath technology avoids the need for jets aiming air and water directly at your body.
  • Pearl Baths brings the benefits of this technology to the market through 47 models of whirlpool baths. They are available in three series: Essence, Designer and Classic. Each whirlpool bath offers similar qualities in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

Pearl Baths, Inc. Whirlpool Series
  • Essence Series:
  • The Essence series offers the greatest range of standard features. The deep tubs include a back massage system and the PearlTouch three-speed control system.
  • Trillium, Wisteria, and Palladium.
  • Designer Series:
  • The Designer Series is Pearl Baths' original collection and as such offers the greatest variety of options so you can customize your chosen bath to suit.
  • Ducetta, Adagio, Dahlia®, Altea, Majestic 48/42, Rhapsody, Andorra, Navarre 6/5.5, Ballade, Sonnet, Tranquil, Metropolitan, Standard, Dante, Twin Corner, Cameo, Aspire, and Repose.
  • Classic Series:
  • The Classic Series completes Pearl baths' range. Comprised of a collection of simple, clean-lined designs, it is designed with new home builders and remodelers in mind.
  • CS D0, CS 06/05, CS 42, CS P6/P5, CS 63/53/553, CS 636/536, CS 06/05 IFS, CS 06/05 NS, CS 63/53/32 IFS, CS 63/53/32 NS, CS 60 IFS, CS 60, and CS 32.
  • Invigor Whirlpool Series:
  • AS 06/05, AS 42, AS P6/P5, AS 63/53, AS 636, AS 06/05N, AS 63/53/32N, AS 60, AS 553, and AS 32.
  • Invigor Elite Whirlpool Series:
  • Intrigue 6/5, Orianna 6/5.5, Impulse, Evoce, and Avance.
  • PearlMist Steam Bath Generators and Electronic Controls are designed to turn a shower into a spa using essential oils.