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Jason Whirlpools and Bathing Systems

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Remo Jacuzzi and other family members founded Jason International in 1982 with the mission to carry on and improve the legacy of his family, who invented the first whirlpool therapy baths. Jason has led the evolution of Luxury-Class™ therapy bathing beyond the original Whirlpool therapy baths. Today, Jason also manufactures AirMasseur™ therapy air baths as well as Jason's unique combination Air-Whirlpools. Jason also complements its' comprehensive line with Soaking Baths, Shower Baths, Shower Bases, Faucetry, and Bathing Essentials.

The Jason difference...
  • Jason's classic lines are designed to compliment any room decor and future renovation. Jason style, in a word, is "timeless".
  • Effective hydrotherapy should be an important part of your health program. From the design, operation and placement of Jason Perfect Pressure / Perfect Flow Whirlpool jets and Jason AirMasseur™ jets, to the luxury of the floating remote control, every feature is designed to invigorate and relax you like no other bathing experience.
  • Quiet-Design™ engineering includes a large array of technical innovations that make Jason baths the quietest, most vibration-free available.
  • Jason bath is constructed using multiple Sani-Design™ components and systems (patents pending) to protect the equipment and to assure the highest level of hygienic operation and easy maintenance.
  • Jason tubs are luxuriously spacious and deeper than many other baths – yet they do not use excessive water and getting in and out is easy.
  • Even Jason smaller baths give you more room inside. Gently curved lumbar support, wide armrests on many models and other ergonomically designed contours enhance your comfort and hydrotherapy experience.
  • Changeable color lenses or optional multi-color LED lighting (standard on all Signature Edition Baths) help you create a mood...unwind...and add drama to your surroundings.
  • Significantly reduces noise and vibration. Adds insulation, structural support, and allows fast, grout-free installation on level floors for Jason baths and shower bases.
  • Jason’s bath crystals let you enjoy all the benefits of aromatherapy while you bathe. Safe for use in any Jason Bath.
  • Whirlpool Therapy Baths use directional and flow adjustable hydrotherapy jets, which produce an air and water stream to massage specific parts of the body, Jason’s optional multiple speed system gives the user easy control over the intensity of the hydrotherapy.
  • AirMasseur™ Therapy Baths use warm air flowing out of multiple jets around the lower perimeter of the bath. Air therapy is gentler, softer and produces a bubbling effect inside the whole bath. It is preferred for general relaxation and well being.
  • Air-Whirlpool Therapy Baths combine whirlpool therapy jets in the bath wall with air jets in the bottom perimeter. Sophisticated controls allow the whirlpool system and air system to be operated independently or at the same time to cover most user's preferences.
  • Soaking Therapy Baths - the oldest form of water therapy is the simple pleasure of soaking your body in hot water. All Jason Soaking Baths are designed for optimum submergence and comfort.

Jason Integrity Series Baths
  • In response to the building industry’s requirements for a high quality, value priced product, Jason also designed its uncompromising Integrity Collection whirlpool and soaking baths. Integrity Series Baths are provided with many of the high quality features and attributes which are standard in the finest Jason Designer Series products such as Quiet Design and Sani-Design technology.
  • Integrity Collection Model B3660.
  • Integrity Collection Model B3060.

Jason Designer Collection
  • With the famous Italian flair for design, the classic and elegant Jason Designer Collection baths feature three different therapy bath types: Whirlpool, AirMasseur™ and combination Air-Whirlpool. The Therapeutic benefits of all Jason therapy baths include improved circulation, relief from stress, reduced fatigue and relaxed muscles.
  • Designer Collection "Angelica" AN650.
  • Designer Collection "Madeline" MA635P.